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Multiply Ministry March 2023

This month you can be a multiplier of generosity, a spreader of the movement of Christianity, and a sacrificial giver. Every dollar students and alumni give this month will be MATCHED to support those seeking scholarships for the degree program - to make a way for dozens of students who have been waiting for this opportunity. As more students discover and explore their calling with Christian Leaders, the urgency grows to keep this biblical education accessible and affordable.

Christian Leaders students sacrificially support 50% of this ministry and keep reproducing the movement for more and more people to respond to their calling from God. Will you join in multiplying more Ministry this month?

Here is how you can participate this month, support a student's scholarship, and be entered into the drawing on March 31 at 12 pm ET:

  • You can multiply more difference-makers by donating today!
  • You can use the March 25% degree coupon. If you are interested email
  • In addition, you can refer a friend and email to confirm your referral.
  • Lastly, any book purchased from the store will enter you in a drawing!! Thank you for your support.