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Failed Course Retake Administration Fee $50

Failed Course Retake Administration Fee $50

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Failed Course Retake Policy
 By paying this $50 administration fee and emailing, you are requesting a review by our Registrar to determine if you can re-take a failed course. Please be aware of the following eligibility requirements and administrative review processes:

Course Retake Guidelines

1.    A student will be allowed to retake one failed class without any additional cost. After that, (1) a non-refundable $50.00 fee applies for the administrative process involved and (2) an update to a grade for a retaken course will be allowed only with permission from the registrar after a careful review of the student's academic record. The registrar's decision may be appealed once to the provost. Item 2 also applies. 

    2.    A student who fails any class must wait at least six months after the date enrollment in that course ends to re-enroll in the course he or she wishes to retake. The date a student may re-enroll is shown with the failed course grade on the student's record. The student may re-enroll only once in the course he or she wishes to re-take.

    3.    A student must receive a grade of C- or higher on the re-take or the student will not receive an update to their failed course grade.

    4.    A student will continue to have an F in the record for the course until the failed class has been completed and the student has contacted the registrar to have his or her grade updated. This update may take 3-7 business days to be reflected on the student's record.