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The whole Bible—from beginning to its end—is about Jesus.

His incarnation story, the thirty-three years He lived on this earth as a walking, eating, breathing man, is told in just four books — four of the sixty-six books that we call The Bible.

DISCOVER THE UNFETTERED STORY OF JESUS! The first of these four books were written by Matthew, a Jew, a tax collector (hated by his own people, the lowest of the low). He became a follower of Jesus and witnessed, firsthand, what Jesus did and said throughout most of His earthly ministry. Matthew tells the story of Jesus from a Jewish perspective (so there are many quotes from the Old Testament).

The second book was written by Mark, a companion to Paul on some of his missionary journeys. (The story of Paul is found in the book of Acts; it is the story of the beginning of the church.) Mark tells the Jesus story emphasizing Him as the mighty miracle worker.

The third book was written by Luke, a physician who also accompanied Paul on some missionary journeys. Luke emphasizes Jesus’ concern for the poor, the weak, and those who knew they needed a savior.

The last book was written by John, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus and the last to die, exiled to the Greek island of Patmos.


The four tell the one story of Jesus—sometimes they tell the same story from different perspectives and sometimes they tell something unique to their own experience of Jesus. Reading four different accounts of the same story can get confusing. What happened when? Why do some accounts have different details than others? Why were two accounts included that weren’t written by firsthand witnesses? The Jesus Bible combines all four of these accounts into a single seamless story. That means you can read the story of Jesus’ life here on earth in one continual, flowing account. No more jumping back and forth between gospels to see where an account fits in Jesus’ ministry. No more comparing notes between accounts to see which details help flesh out a story more. Now you can read all four of the gospel accounts with events in the orders they occur!

To help you distinguish between the voices of the authors in this new format, the Jesus Bible uses different translations for the materials from each of the gospels. Matthew’s contribution to the Jesus Bible will be the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV). Mark, the New Living Translation (NLT). Luke, the New American Standard Bible (NASB). John, the New International Version (NIV).

EXPERIENCE THE HARMONY…After you have read the story of Jesus as told in Part One of the Jesus Bible (a harmony of the four gospels) read in Part Two how Jesus shows up in the rest of the Bible. From the creation account to the prophets to the Revelation of John, you will see Jesus popping up in every part of the Bible. (Part Two of the Jesus Bible will be the English Standard Version, ESV).

Your faith will be strengthened and encouraged as you encounter Jesus' predictions, the Jesus connections, and the Jesus prophecies in every book of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Your understanding of Jesus and His place in God’s greater plan will grow deeper, and your understanding of your own place in God’s plan will grow exponentially! Get your free copy of the Jesus Bible now!