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Order Clergy Kit (Retired Credential) (Tier 3)

Order Clergy Kit (Retired Credential) (Tier 3)

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Information: Your student name should not include titles such as "Rev.," "Pastor," "Dr.," etc. Students may use the form of their name that they go by, such as "Jim" rather than "James." However, we recommend using your legal name for your student profile name: for example, "James Sneider." You can explain what name you go by in your profile description.

All official credential documents issued by Christian Leaders College, Christian Leaders Institute, and Christian Leaders Alliance will be with your name only; titles may not be put on your official credentials or Student ID

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This Clergy Kit includes

    • Official Ordination Certificate (For print up if you choose Digital Download)

      Ordination Student ID (For print up if you choose Digital Download and it will be a real card if you choose Physical Credentials)
    • Letter of Good Standing (For print up if you choose Digital Download)


    Digital Downloads: are your official credentials which will be emailed to you, and you can print it yourself.Your digital download will be emailed to your email within 5-7 business days.

    Physical Credentials: will be mailed out in 5-7 business days (International shipping can take 2-4 weeks).