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Silver Vision Partner Donation (Monthly)

Silver Vision Partner Donation (Monthly)

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Your donation will be used for the operations of Christian Leaders Institute, which offers free ministry training worldwide. Click here to see the strategic plan and the budget.

Your Impact Benefits

$40 a month Covers Your CLI Studies And 23 Others!

$35 a month Covers Your CLI Studies And 20 Others!

$25  a month Covers Your CLI Studies And 14 Others!

Your Thank You Benefits:

  • Free Student ID
  • 35% discount on Ordination purchases
  • Free Christian Leaders Connection Award
  • 2 Free Award or (If a credential student can get a Certificate or Diplomas a year)
  • Free CLI Pin
  • Free CLI Cap
  • Special price of $50 for the Standardized Credential Class
  • Discount for the degree (See details in the hub)
  • Free Attendance at Local Vision Partner Invitations

If you want to cancel your recurring donation at anytime contact