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Clergy Recognition Collection

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Clergy Recognition Collection Features:

  • Minister Logo Products
  • Official Licensed Clergy Status Credentials
  • Official Ordained Clergy Status Credentials
  • Official Life Coach Ministers Credentials
  • Official non-Clergy Status Life Coach Minister Credentials

Clergy Products

Minister Hats


Clergy Hats


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Licensed or Ordained Clergy Rings 



Clergy Kits 

Clergy Kits are designed for those who have completed their licensed or ordained clergy program at Christian Leaders Institute and the Christian Leaders Alliance. The package price groups important credentials and other items of interest Clergy Ministers. Clergy Kits are priced at $125 for the Essential, $200 for the Plus and $300 for the Premium. 


Official Licensed Clergy Status Credentials 

Christian Wedding Officiant Kits

Ministry Officiant Kits

Minister Kits

Ministry Chaplain Kits

Individual Credentials

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 Official Ordained Clergy Status Credentials

Deacon Minister Kits

Officiant Minister Kits

Restored Life Minister Kits

Small Group Minister Kits

House Church Minister Kits

Church Planting Minister Kits

Women's Minister Kits

Associate Chaplain Minister Kits

Youth Minister Kits

Associate Minister Kits

Commissioned Minister Kits

Commissioned Youth Minister Kits

Minister of the Word Kits

Chaplain Minister Kits

Individualize Credentials 

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Official Life Coach Minister Credentials

Official Life Coach Minister Credentials come in three status designations. Licensed, Ordained and Certified. The licensed and ordained status also grants you general ministers clergy status. The certified life coach credential certifies you as a non-clergy life coach minister. 

Licensed Life Coach Minister

Ordained Life Coach Minister

Certified (Non-Clergy) Life Coach Minister

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Life Coach Minister Badges

Badges recognize specialties that are added to your Life Coach Minister Recognition. You must complete the additional training. 

More Details

The Christian Leaders Alliance is a minister recognition body that grants you recognized clergy status* and posts your name on the global Clergy Directory. 

You must have completed your selected Study Award program at Christian Leaders Institute and gathered and submitted your local recommendation requirements to be granted your status level. 

    *This Christian Leaders Alliance clergy status program is recognized in all fifty USA states and many countries because it has rigorous ministry training courses (including lectures, readings, and quizzes), local recommendations and actual third party commissioning (prayer by local leaders or Christian Leaders Alliance Clergy).

    *Christian Leaders Alliance maintains an Officials Web Page to explain the Christian Leaders Alliance Clergy Program to government or church leaders - Share this link with officials