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New Life Card

New Life Card

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Benefits of the New Life Card

1. Online Reputation Repair - Criminal offenders have much negative stigma that follows them on the web. Their name is often associated with their past, even when, through God's grace, their past is in the past. Those who get the New Life Card are put into a directory of New Life Card recipients. The public will get another opinion of you on the web. Your name and your profile will be able to be viewed by everyone. Your redemption story will replace your offense story as your current story. 

2. Open Doors - As people go to the, they will see that this card signifies that you are a new person. This card is a new reputation seal. 

3. Taking Responsibility - This service allows you to take responsibility and do something about your damaged reputation. 

4. Accountability - This card takes effort to receive. There is class work. There are recommendations to gather. There is a spiritual component. There is a writing component as well. This effort is necessary for the card to signify and seal your renewed reputation.

This New Life Card Class outlines the cognitive details of repairing a reputation.

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